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How long Sun Joe cutters last?

Sun Joe trimmers are totally solid. With appropriate consideration and support, your Sun Joe cutter can keep going for quite a long time. Here are a few hints to assist with expanding the existence of your Sun Joe cutter:
-Peruse the proprietor’s manual prior to utilizing the cutter. This will assist you with understanding how to work and really focus on the cutter appropriately.
-Keep the edges sharp. Sharp edges make for a superior cut, yet they likewise put less burden on the motor.
-Change the oil routinely. Messy oil can harm the motor and abbreviate the existence of the cutter.
-Clean the air channel routinely. A messy air channel can diminish wind stream to the motor and prompt it to overheat.
-Store the cutter in a spotless, dry spot. Safeguarding your trimmer from climate and garbage will assist with broadening its life.

What amount of time does it require to charge a Sun Joe grass cutter?

Sun Joe yard cutters are battery-powered, and accompany a charger. It requires around 12 hours to totally charge the Sun Joe yard cutter. You can check the situation with the charge by taking a gander at the charging marker light on the charger. At the point when it is completely energized, the light will become green.

Where could the reset fasten on a Sun Joe electric cutter be?

The reset button on a Sun Joe electric cutter can be found on the rear of the control board. To get to it, you should eliminate the cover from the control board. When the cover is eliminated, you will see a little red button close to the lower part of the board. This is the reset button. Squeezing this button will reset the cutter and clear any mistake codes that might be shown on the control board.

How can I say whether my Sun Joe yard trimmer is charging?

In the event that you’re considering how to let know if your Sun Joe grass cutter is charging, there are a couple of things you can search for. To start with, check the battery marker light on the control board. Assuming it’s green, that implies the battery is completely energized. Assuming it’s red, that implies the battery is low and should be charged. One more method for telling assuming that your grass trimmer is charging is to check the charging port. The port is normally situated on the trimmer close to the handle. Assuming you see a go-ahead on the port, that implies it’s getting power and charging.