American Lawn Mower Company RMC01-B01, Reel Mower Storage Cover Bag, Black

  • Reel Trimmer Cover Pack as it were: Reel cutter excluded
  • All inclusive Fit: Customized to oblige an extensive variety of reel cutters, our cover/stockpiling pack guarantees a cozy and secure fit for models from driving brands.
  • Furnished with an easy to understand pull string, our pack guarantees easy conclusion while being used. This element upgrades the pack’s usefulness as well as makes it a breeze to store and ship your reel cutter easily.
  • Whether you’re putting away your reel trimmer in the carport, shed, outside or moving it to an alternate area, our cover/stockpiling sack is the ideal friend. Lightweight and simple to deal with, it improves on the upkeep of your grass hardware.
  • Developed with sturdy materials, this sack gives powerful assurance against residue, soil, and the components. Keep your reel trimmer in flawless condition many seasons, expanding its life expectancy and guaranteeing maximized operation.