Economy 14″ GS Push Reel Mower


Cutting Details cutting width = 14″ cutting height = 1/2″ to 1 – 1/2″
Weight in lbs. 19 lbs Structure composite products
Usage contamination free of charge lawn cutting
Secret Features small; cost effective
Warranty 1 yea

Small Gas Push Mower Product Description

Money-saving and budget friendly little bit of maintenance as compared to electrical power lawn mowers alloy steel reel and bedroom knife blade steel side plates as well as made up torsion cylinder 3-section roller light in weight, maneuverable, and simple to store zinc-plated handle along with plastic grips 3 spider 4 cutter sphere bearing reel 8.5″ size, high effect polymer wheels along with intergal molded tread Created in the U.S.A.