Fiskars 17 Inch Staysharp Push Reel Lawn Mower (6208)

$199.99 $160.62

The wise style from our environmentally friendly reel lawn mower delivers a cleaner decrease without the inconveniences from gas, oil, electric battery charging, electric cables or loud motor sound
A mixture of sophisticated innovations create the StaySharp Reel Mower 30 percent less complicated to press than other reel lawn mowers
Patent-pending InertiaDrive Reel delivers HALF even more cutting electrical power to burst with twigs, pots and hard areas that will bind various other reel mowers
Life-time service warranty

Commercial Walk Behind Mower Product Description

The StaySharp Reel Mower blends patent-pending innovation with superior comfort designs to deliver best-in-class cutting functionality without gas, oil, billing, the hassle of cords or even the noise produced by other lawn mowers. That showcases an InertiaDrive Reel for HALF a lot more cutting electrical power than regular reel mowers and also a StaySharp Cutting System to remove the price as well as trouble from annual cutter developing. The mixture of these modern technologies makes the StaySharp Reel Mower 30 percent simpler to press in comparison to other reel mowers, assisting you get more done with less effort.
The advanced style of our reel mower makes it 30% simpler to press as well as offers an easy method to cut your grass.
StaySharp 6207
30% easier to press
Advanced concept makes our reel mower simpler to press in comparison to others. Viewpoint larger.

6201 cutter

Stays Pointy Longer
StaySharp Cutting Unit provides lasting functionality without annual sharpening. View larger.

The StaySharp Reel Lawn mower incorporates patent-pending modern technology with remarkable comfort designs to provide best-in-class cutting functionality without gas, oil, billing, the problem from wires or even the sound developed through other lawn mowers. It features an InertiaDrive Reel for FIFTY% even more cutting electrical power compared to conventional reel lawn mowers as well as a StaySharp Reducing Body to deal with the expense as well as hassle of yearly blade sharpening. The combo from these modern technologies creates the StaySharp Reel Lawn mower 30% less complicated to drive than various other reel mowers, aiding you acquire more finished with less initiative. Features a 1.5 to 3.5-inch reduce elevation assortment, 17-inch decrease size and a minimal two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Just what makes the StaySharp Reel Mower Unique?

30% Easier to Press: The innovative modern technologies of this particular reel mower mix to reduce push power by 30% compared with competitive reel mowers.
50% More Cutting Energy: Large-diameter InertiaDrive Reel along with thick blades provides FIFTY% more reducing energy to electrical power via tiny twigs, weeds or thick turf that would certainly jam very competitive reel mowers.
Stays Pointy Longer: The StaySharp Cutting Body is precision-engineered to cut turf without the cutters contacting, considerably decreasing friction and also blade damage, supplying enduring efficiency without the expense and also trouble of yearly cutter sharpening.
Cuts All Grass Kinds: Though reasonable reel mowers fight with certain kinds of grass, the remarkable cutting device of this particular reel lawn mower cuts all common property yards, even hard southerly selections.