Great States 415-16 16-Inch Reel Mower Standard Full Feature Lawn Mower with T-Style Handle and Heat Treated Blades

  • Manual mechanical trimmer with a fast, movable cutting level of 1″- 2.5″ for a spotless and even
  • Lightweight grass cutter has 16″ cutting width, 5-edge metal ball reel, and 10″ composite wheels for ideal mobility
  • Push cutting edge cutter with great intensity treated combination steel edges that stay sharp longer
  • Agreeable push cutter handle leaves behind a T-style padded grasp; Simple, device less gathering
  • Perfect and calm reel cutter to keep up with your grass without the requirement for gas or oil
The Incomparable States Push Reel Cutter makes yard support helpful and proficient. It doesn’t emanate unsafe exhaust to the climate, and it keeps your yard sound by cutting grass cautiously without destroying the grass simultaneously. This manual reel grass trimmer is not difficult to collect and utilize. Your grass can continue to look flawless without the clamor and exhaust. It is exceptionally intended to be agreeable on your hands for a superior cutting encounter without harming your hands.
From the Maker
The power source behind our cutters hasn’t changed a lot of in 100 years. It’s still promptly accessible on request. You can in any case fuel it at the cost of a banana and a glass of milk. It generally works when you need it to, and it passes on no buildup for the climate to retain other than several impressions in an impeccably cut yard. Individuals the power behind our cutters in 1895, and the power behind them today. What has changed is the item accessible to individuals. At Incredible States, we’ve applied 100 years of innovation to a standard thought: the reel grass cutter. The present reel trimmers are lightweight and simple to move. They’re great for the present more modest yards, and the present chaotic ways of life. They’re dependably prepared when you’re prepared, and they’re nearly support free with no flash fittings to mess or motors to stop up. They’re great to the climate and they’re great to the yard, clipping the grass for a perfect, exact cut. A cut that is assisted us with cutting our specialty as the country’s biggest maker of popular, on-request reel trimmers. We’ve burned through 100 years of consummating our reel cutter plans, smoothing out our creation processes and looking for the most ideal materials to assemble the most ideal reel trimmers. Furthermore, we’re pleased with all that. Be that as it may, more significant still, we’ve spent the most recent 100 years, and we’ll spend the following 100 more, keeping America Green. Incredible States 16-inch cutting width reel yard cutter. 4 insect 5 edge with metal ball reel. 2-inch welded bush bar. 10-inch metal roller wheels. Simple level change of 1/2-inch to 2-1/2-inch.