Sun Joe MJ1800M Mower Joe Manual Lawn, Green


Excellent to promptly trim small to medium-sized lawns while curbing your carbon footprint
5-position elevation adjustment tailors turf cutting height off 1.1 to 3.2 ins
Rough all-terrain steering wheels make it very easy to mow on the go!
5 sturdy steel blades promptly cut by means of yard for precise cutting
Quad steering wheel design for improved security and also maneuverability

3 Wheel Push Mower Product Description

SELECTION THE PEOPLE-POWERED PUSH MOWER! Get down-to-earth along with the MJ1800M Handbook Reel Mower from Sunlight Joe Powered along with simply a press, the MJ1800M is the greatest classic reel lawn mower with a streamlined, contemporary design. Sunshine Joe has actually had your grand daddy’s outdated reel lawn mower as well as took it into the 21st century. Along with the turning, 5-blade RAZOREEL system, the fully nature-friendly MJ1800M reduces a stimulating 14-inch path in a singular pass– no oil, fuel, or even electrical energy required. Outfitted with all-terrain, quad-wheel layout, the no-frills, people-powered push mower is actually simple, lightweight and also manoeuvrable, all while delivering a silent, nature-friendly option for any kind of yard. With 5-position flexible height control– off 1.1 to 3.2 ins– you’ll possess the best command to choose merely the appropriate height thus your lawn are going to always appear its own ideal. Put power as well as precision at your fingertips, take back your yard and Go With Joe.